Trusts & Business Succession Planning

While many people consider Wills & Estate Planning to really only be a personal affair, is just as important to consider how any discretionary trusts and businesses that those people may be involved in will continue if they passed away or lost capacity.

Maintaining Control…
Without the correct strategy in place, control of businesses, companies and trusts can fall to the wrong hands and can cause your loved ones a great deal of stress, heartache and, where disputes arise, costly legal battles.

To Build Upon Your Legacy…
The greatest benefit of having your will aligned with your trust and business succession planning is to mitigate the potential for devastating effects of business operations being frustrated and to arm your loved ones with the tools they need to build upon your legacy.

For the Future
If you have a business, companies or trusts, contact Your Legacy Lawyer on (07) 4580 1136 or via our Contact Us page today so we can help you understand what questions you need to ask yourself and what steps need to be taken to properly protect your loved ones for the future.