Do I need a Will?

The short answer is, yes. Without a Will, you have no say as to the distribution of your estate after your death or who takes control of managing your affairs. Dying without a Will means that the distribution of your estate will be made to your relatives using a legal formula which may not be what you want.

Making a Will ensures:

  • Your estate is dealt with in accordance with your wishes;
  • Someone you trust (your chosen executor) carries out your wishes;
  • Your family knows what you want;
  • Your loved ones can finalise your affairs without the need for costly legal processes;
  • Your chosen charities benefit should you so desire.


We take pride in making this discussion and process as easy and hassle free as possible with flexible appointment options, including after hours, hospital and home visits, and very reasonable pricing.

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Do I need an Enduring Power of Attorney?

Absolutely, yes. An Enduring Power of Attorney (EPOA) is used to appoint someone you trust to manage your affairs when/if you cannot do so yourself. You can choose someone to make financial and legal decisions on your behalf such as banking, paying bills or even selling your home, and also make decisions about where, who visits you or what doctor or hospital you visit.

Often considered an insurance policy, an EPOA is there if you need it. Importantly, having a valid EPOA ensures that the person you trust is appointed to manage your affairs when you cannot, instead of someone else.

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