Get Started Online and Save

Your Legacy Lawyer is all about giving our clients the very best value for their money, and the very best service possible from their lawyers. 

In order to do this we are making an online estate planning assistant available to our estate planning clients. This process is going to make life easier for everybody and will ask you the same kinds of questions that our lawyers would ask you at our traditional initial consultation for Wills and estate planning. By answering online, we are making sure you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home or spend an hour or more with us in person or via Zoom. You can use the intake process from wherever you are. We’re making it available to you after hours and it will help us provide legal advice in a way that fits in with your busy schedule and your time constraints.

Our online estate planning assistant makes life easier for everybody! It is an obligation free tool we make available to our clients as an efficient and cost-effective way to make the most out of your Wills & Estate planning experience with Your Legacy Lawyer. Using our intelligent tool, you can provide all your critical background information in your own time and space, on any device, at a time that suits you. Our easy to use system will guide you through only relevant information, and feedback important, customised information pertinent to your circumstances. This is designed to help prepare and assist you in understanding what things to consider, and what options may be available to you in respect to your Wills and Estates planning. We will still need to talk to you in some form but we will be able to spend less time on basic fact finding, and more time discussing advice, options and strategy going forward. It may only take 15 minutes of your time. You get the premium service and legal knowledge that Your Legacy Lawyer is known for but you save time and money. How’s that?

Completing our online estate planning assistant effectively means our lawyers will have a comprehensive written brief before talking with you and can prepare your Simple Will (one without Testamentary Trusts and not requiring the review of company and/or trust documents) at a very cost-effective price. The best news is, you can use this system completely free of charge, and will only be charged if you decide to engage our firm for your matter going forward. A Simple Will for an individual is $300.00 including GST and with an Enduring Power of Attorney it is $440.00 including GST. Simple Wills for a couple are $500.00 including GST and $720.00 including GST if you pair it with an Enduring Power of Attorney. If your Will is more complex, we will quote you after ascertaining your circumstances. After you hit ‘Submit’, you will receive a call from one of our estate planning lawyers on the next business day confirming your information. You will then receive a Tax Invoice within 24 hours of that phone call. Once this Tax Invoice is paid we will prepare your Will in draft and email it to you for your review. At this time you can ask for any amendments to be made. We will then contact you to review your draft documents.

Of course, you do not have to complete this online induction if you would prefer to simply meet in person and provide your information during that first appointment. We understand technology is not for everyone – we simply like to offer it for those who want to make use of it. By using our online estate planning assistant you will be able to still obtain our premium legal services but at a reduced cost.